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We have been coming here for 6 years now..sometimes twice a year..and we LOVE it here..the staff are always friendly and VERY accommodating. We always feel at home here. We come here from Victoria BC and when we check in we are always greeted with a smile from the front desk and the house maids are AMAZING. The views from the rooms are awesome. They offer a free breakfast. Great outdoor pool. It may not be a 5 star hotel..but you also don’t have a 5 star price. But the staff are definitely 5 star. We will continue to come here year after year.

Best welcome yet in Canada and we’ve travelled over 1800 miles this week. Everyone has been so friendly it feels like home. The view from our room is stunning. A lovely place to stay for peace and tranquillity.

Back to basics at its best, I lived in the city- noise, pollution, everyone trying to out do one another…. STOP…. Relax- breathe-time to think get back to nature, walking, talking, golfing, canoeing, tennis, swim outdoors or in the lake, horseback riding.. Deer, Loons, birds of all sorts, rabbits, the odd bear or even sometimes a cougar… Yes This Hotel needs some updates as in electrical, plumbing, paint job, well its been here a long time now and yes there has been some improvements but it all takes money and time…. I remember this place as a young child I sure didn’t look at the decor as a child but remember the golfing, swimming, canoeing, 4x4ing, hiking, horseback riding, skating, snowmobiling, tubing, bonds of friendships that have lasted through the good and bad. The Resorts employees pride themselves in being clean making sure you have what is needed not always the I want list Thank God, we are all too spoiled..The views here are incredible you really do get a great deal, anywhere else with this view, golf course, and walking trails would cost way more, they are not here for the money but the life style. The TV’s maybe flat screen or the bigger TV’s but I am not here to watch TV and when I do it doesn’t matter What type of TV.. It has basic TV, good.. We all watch too much TV and cable.. Keep it simple.. Who needs to keep up with Jones… not me and many others that LOVE this place.. We all could help out our neighborhoods/Province/Country- not to complain to get it cheaper or free but think of it as chipping in to help keep these places alive without paying an arm and a leg.. but invest in a brighter future for our kids and theirs the great outdoors…We all need to get away sometimes from the business of life, demands, critics… Anyone can find faults with anything, how about finding the good…THAT’S WAY BETTER, the best way to live life..That’s just my opinion …I have lived here and worked at the 108 at a few places, where we all work together as community… Come Visit the 108 Ranch this is our way of life, like it or not.. You are welcome, respect others, this is the Cariboo, we are not the city, Thank God we have such beauty and treat others kindly, if you like us or not…A Country Girl at Heart, all the way…

The hotel is sort of located in the middle of nowhere, but it turned out to be great! The front desk staff went out of their way to help us find a great room, the room was clean and spacious, they have a swimming pool, a sauna, a nice restaurant across the street and the view from our pet friendly room was just amazing! Oh, and they’re built right next to a nice golf club. Highly recommended!

We stayed at the resort in mid July 2014 and were very impressed. The first thing we noticed were the friendly and helpful staff. The front desk agent at the time, Uri, was eager to help with any issue we encountered, and his sense of humor made him especially enjoyable to talk to. We arrived quite late after a long drive from Vancouver and although the pool was technically closed we were still allowed to go for a quick swim. we found the pool to be adequately sized and remarkably warm. After a swim its just a short walk to the saunas which were also clean and enjoyable. The room was more than enough space for us, was very clean, and the air conditioner functioned well, keeping us cool despite the hot caribou summer. The view from the balcony was impeccable, especially during sunset while the sky lit up with beautiful colours looking out over the golf course and the two lakes. We really enjoyed the free continental breakfast with a self serve waffle maker. The waffles were delicious! one of the highlights of my trip. lunch is available at a snack shop a short walk into the course, the burger I had there was very quickly prepared, reasonably priced, and tasted like a high quality burger. the lady running the snack shop was very accommodating and did everything she could to make our lunch experience enjoyable. we didn’t get a chance to check out the restaurant as we had prior engagements with a friend who lives in the area. also we don’t golf so we didn’t try out the course but it was nice staying at the golf course anyways as it offers an incredible view, a nice grass smell, and a place to go for a walk. we didn’t end up bringing our dog this time but were informed that pet rooms are available so we will be bringing her next time.

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